Stelaż 80 cm z półką i wieszakiem na ręcznik pod umywalkę

80 cm

80 cm wall hung basin frame with open shelf and integrated towel rail

SKU: ST800-04-1


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ikona wysoka jakosc
Find out about luxury furnishings for the modern-day bathroom. Innovative materials, advanced technology and guaranteed comfort.
ręczne wykończenie
Choose a unique product. The washbasins and baths are hand-finished by skilled craftsmen.
Make your design stand out. Modern design in line with European trends has never been available at such an attractive price.
innowacyjne rozwiązania
Benefit from an innovative approach to design. Cristalstone baths and basins are a synergy of progressive design and exemplary ergonomics.
· ST800-04-1

80 cm wall hung basin frame with open shelf and integrated towel rail

wymiary  Dimensions: 80 cm

The basin frames have been designed to furnish modern and functional interiors. All bathroom frames are made from waterproof materials and finished in satin black. The items offered provide a stylish alternative to traditional bathroom cabinets. The brand offers a wide range of items, from 60 cm to 140 cm in width. A variety of shelf spacing options are available to make the most of the available space.

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