BLANCO 160x85x55 cm Freestanding bathtub

160x85x55 cm

BLANCO 160x85x55 cm Freestanding bathtub



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Poznaj luksusowe wyposażenie do współczesnej łazienki. Innowacyjne materiały, zaawansowana technologia i gwarancja komfortu.
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Wybierz unikatowy produkt. Ręczne wykończenie umywalek i wanien wykonywane jest przez wykwalifikowanych rzemieślników.
Wyróżnij się swoją aranżacją. Nowoczesne wzornictwo w zgodzie z europejskimi trendami nigdy nie było dostępne w tak atrakcyjnej cenie.
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Skorzystaj z nowatorskiego podejścia do projektowania. Wanny i umywalki Cristalstone to synergia progresywnego designu i wzorowej ergonomii.
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Find out about luxury furnishings for the modern-day bathroom. Innovative materials, advanced technology and guaranteed comfort.
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Choose a unique product. The washbasins and baths are hand-finished by skilled craftsmen.
Make your design stand out. Modern design in line with European trends has never been available at such an attractive price.
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Benefit from an innovative approach to design. Cristalstone baths and basins are a synergy of progressive design and exemplary ergonomics.

BLANCO 160x85x55 cm Freestanding bathtub

wymiary  Dimensions: 160x85x55 cm

Blanco, a freestanding white bathtub, is an exceptional fixture designed for modern bathroom spaces. Blanco is one of the latest additions to the Cristalstone® product range. It is an elegant proposition crafted with modern, avant-garde interiors in mind. This designer bathtub features a distinctive shape, compact size, and a practical shelf inside the basin. The avant-garde design is not only visually appealing but also ensures everyday comfort and convenience. The subtle, satin-matte surface feels warm to the touch, while the innovative composite material retains water temperature for extended periods.

Every Cristalstone® bathtub is designed and manufactured in Poland.

Looking for a bathtub in a different size? Contact us -> we will prepare a quotation for you.
Developed by specialists, high-quality, modern Cristalstone® conglomerate has the characteristics of ceramics and composite sanitary ware. It has extreme mechanical properties and is easy to keep clean. GRP Luxum® is an innovative composite material that combines exceptional lightness and strength. The composite is warm, smooth to the touch and keeps water warm for a long time.
Cristalstone washbasins are characterised by extremely easy installation. The low weight means that they can be easily mounted on a countertop, a frame or directly to the wall. The washbasins have special mounting holes that ensure the stability and durability of the product while allowing for easy and quick connection to the plumbing system. Cristalstone baths made from Luxum® GRP composite are very lightweight so installation is not a problem.
On request, a tap hole can be provided in the Linea Ideal and Linea Simpla washbasins. For freestanding and wall-mounted Cristalstone® baths, a bath overflow can be made. The right option can be selected in the shopping basket.
Cristalstone® washbasins and baths are made to last a long time while maintaining excellent performance and aesthetic qualities. The Cristalstone conglomerate and Luxum® GRP are materials that are exceptionally easy to clean. Furnishings finished in matt satin simply need to be cleaned with micro-fibre cloths using mild cream cleaner. We offer special creams for cleaning GRP composite and conglomerate.

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