Developed by specialists, high-quality conglomerate combines the best features of ceramics and sanitary composites, while showing much greater resistance to mechanical damage. The properties of the conglomerate also allow the washbasins to take on modern and expressive forms, unattainable in the case of products made of ordinary ceramics. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a freestanding washbasin, a countertop washbasin with a rounded profile and thin edges, or a washbasin with a linear drain with a fashionable geometric shape. Developed by a team of qualified production technologists, the modern conglomerate is a conscious and safe choice, perfect for your luxurious interior. Perfectly profiled and artfully made washbasins delight with their form and aesthetics of details, and the perfectly smooth, warm and pleasant to the touch surface ensures everyday comfort of operation.

The modern material from which the Cristalstone series washbasins are made has been developed by a team of production technologists. As a result, their surface is perfectly smooth, pleasant to the touch and easy to keep clean. Bathroom equipment should not only be comfortable, but also well-designed and durable. Cristalstone bathroom washbasins – perfect workmanship and high quality.


matte finish


good price


private and commercial interiors


easy to keep clean


high scratch resistance


availability and fast transport


high quality


PZH approval and CE certificate


• The material is warm and pleasant to the touch, perfectly keeping the water warm.

• 100% safety – technologically tested material.

• Quality guarantee – perfect technical solutions for your bathroom.

• Perfect precision of workmanship – no discoloration, chipping or unevenness.

• Cristalstone material is completely safe for the environment.

• Unique, modern design refined in every detail.

• Does not require specialized cleaning agents, easy to keep clean.

• It is chemically resistant and mechanically strong.

• 20 years on the luxury bathroom equipment market.

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